Have us call you and call back in 3 steps

Picking Upnext step

a ringing phone
  • Your telephone rings and the number 0900-8668 shows in the display. This is a request for a telephone call from a correctional facility.

Acceptingnext step

a hand that presses the 1 button to accept a call
  • You are requested to accept the call
  • Subsequently press 1 to accept the call and follow the instructions. The connection is automatically cut off after the instructions.
  • Press 3 to reject the call, the connection is immediately automatically broken.

Call 0900-8668ok

woman on phone
  • Call 0900-8668 within 60 seconds from the telephone which you received the call on.
  • You are automatically connected with the person who has requested the call from the correctional facility.

Calling an inmate

After the implementation of Telio in all prisons in the Netherlands time has been spent making it easier for inmates to call from prison. In addition to the use of the Telio phone card, inmates without calling credit now have the possibility to call 0900-8668 from the prison and to call from the detention centre. This means that there can be more frequent contact between the inmates and his/her family, friends and acquaintances without this instantly bringing more costs to the inmates.

Calling from the prison is one of the most important moments of a day, the contact between inmates and their family, friends and acquaintances is essential for all involved parties. 0900-8668 gives you and the inmate the opportunity to be enjoy more frequent telephone contact. On sites such as www.gevangenis.startpagina.nl there are multiple discussions concerning the importance of telephone contact and we hope that the new Telio callback service will contribute to good contact between you and the inmate.


Mobile phoneLandline
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be€0.75 p/min€0.75 p/min
de€1.49 p/min€0.80 p/min
it€0.97 p/min€0.97 p/min
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